March 9, 2018

Who We Are

Ownership of Cobalt Equipment, Inc. is held by Kathleen Robinson.  We are a small, privately woman owned California Corporation with Corporate Headquarters in Dublin, California with offices, equipment and staging areas across the state and in Arizona.

Cobalt Equipment, Inc. foresaw the growing demand for reliable, cost-effective and specialized quality equipment and formed Cobalt Equipment, Inc. to meet that demand.  Today, Cobalt Equipment, Inc. has millions of dollars invested in equipment inventory serving the needs of the Emergency Services and Disaster Industry.

Cobalt is uniquely qualified to provide light towers, a complete shelter fleet including Western Shelters, and several sizes of tents & structures, beds, showers, laundry, HVAC units, forklifts, mobile satellite communication systems, network systems, GIS trailers, administration and clerical trailers, and a complete generator fleet including refueling.

Of particular interest to Local, State & Federal Agencies, is Cobalt’s ability to provide not only standard equipment, but also customized packages to be utilized for base camps, logistical support and fire containment operations.  We are positioned to service the needs of our clientele in a very cost effective manner.

Cobalt’s value doesn’t end with simply providing equipment.  We have built a professional team of managers, logistics specialists and maintenance personnel to ensure that our customer needs will be met with Cobalt’s quality and dedication to any incident.